21 April 2012

Welcome to 21st century web search engine-Slikk

Ten years ago you got a list of links, today you get a list of links. It's time for web search to enter the 21st century, and that's exactly what we've done with Slikk's never-seen-before features!

1. Search Browsing 

Up until today, if you weren't sure which of the search results was the one you need, you had two options: opening up a bunch of browser tabs, or clicking search results and then the browser "back" button until you found what you needed. SearchBrowsing allows you to open search results and browse their website in an embedded window right on the search page, drastically reducing the time needed to find what you're looking for.

Just click the open button next to any search result and that website opens up. This is not a thumbnail or preview, it's the fully browsable website, allowing you to search and browse at the same time! Not the site you need? Just click the next one to load it on the page. You can also quickly click several of the buttons and then tab through the resulting websites.

Automatic Searchbrowse: If you check the SearchBrowse checkbox (either on the homepage or in "options"), the first three search results will automatically open with SearchBrowse. Your setting will be remembered for future searches.

SlikkUrls: Here's the coolest part about Searchbrowsing yet! After opening search results, you can simply copy the url from your browser and send it to someone. When they open the link, Slikk will automatically open up the same search results!

LionView: You can also browse your open websites simultaneously by clicking "LionV" on the top right of the LionWindow. This will arrange and present all your chosen websites on the screen at the same time. Of course you can maximise each one.

And More Options There......

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