24 April 2012

Danger Face Of Internet(Statistics)-Please Save Earth

  • The Entire world will be online around 2017

Year 2000

  • 6 billion-world population
  • 500 million-mobile subscriptions
  • 250 million-internet users

Year 2012

  • 7 billion-world population
  • 5 billion-mobile subscriptions
  • 2 billion-internet users

In 2005 the United States had a total of 10.3 million data center

  • That year these data centers consumed enough energy to power the entire UK for 2 months.

CO2 Facts
One Google search for"soylent green"...

  • produces the same amount of CO2 as driving a car 3 inches

5,100 Google search for"nilbog"...

  • produces the same amount of CO2 as 1 cycle through an EnergyStar Dishwasher.

15,000 Google search for"funny cat pictures"...

  • produces the same amount of CO2 as making cheezburger.

Every Month,Google produces

  • 260,000kg of co2 to process users searches that's enough to power a freezer for 5,400 years

Every Month,the process,consumes

  • 3900000kwh of Energy That's enough to wash 5,000,000 loads of laundry

Spam Emails 

  • A single Spam message produces the equivalent of 0.3 grams of CO2
  • 62 Trillion spam Emails are sent each year
  • Producing the equivalent co2 emissions as 1.6 million cars driving around the earth

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