08 June 2012

How to earn from your blog post

payperpost.com offers $1 to $5 per post
Step 1:

  • First go to this link and signup to create your own account.
  • Next claim your blog approval.
  • Get advertisers and post advertisers links in your blog.

  • Get money.
Ad tags
  • And also payperpost.com offer to ad tags.
  • Once you receive your ad tag from IZEA Media you will need to upload it to your blog.
  • There are two different snippets of code that will need to be uploaded for your tag to
  • work. The first snippet of code should be added to the header of your blog.
  • The next snippet of code should be placed in the body of your HTML exactly where you
  • would like the ad to appear.
  • Once the Ads code is installed to your blog you should start to see ads appearing within the hour and your SocialSpark dashboard will register impressions within 24 hours of the tag going live.



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