23 May 2012

Google Introducing The Knowledge Graph

  • When you search, you’re not just looking for a webpage. 
  • You’re looking to get answers, understand concepts and explore.
  • The next frontier in search is to understand real-world things and the relationships among them. 
  • So we're building a Knowledge Graph: a huge collection of the people, places and things in the world and how they're connected to one another.
  • This is how we’ll be able to tell if your search for “mercury” refers to the planet or the chemical element--and also how we can get you smarter answers to jump start your discovery.

google knowledge graph
See it in action

  • When you search for things, people, or places that Google knows about, we can use the Knowledge Graph to enhance your search results.

Find the right thing
  • The words you search with can often have more than one meaning.
  • With the Knowledge Graph we can understand the difference, and help you narrow your results to find just the answers you're looking for.

Get the best summary
  • See key facts about your search with the most useful and interesting information for that particular topic, based on the questions other people have asked.

Go deeper and broader
  • Make unexpected discoveries and explore a topic more deeply with a springboard of information at your fingertips. What you find may surprise you!


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